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  WINNIPEG'S NEXT COED 4's Volleyball Tournament



Date: May 4th 2013
Location: Victor Wyatt
Cost: $100 per team
Start: 9am
# of teams: 8 (10max)
Format: Coed 4's (2males max Ė see rules below)
Prizes: $80 for 1st; $40 for second. (More with 10 teams)
To register: Simply show up with your smile on Saturday morning. (and your $$) We didnít use the NRS because as some of you might know by now, they charge 5% gst  plus an admin fee so it would mean $10 more per team.

**NOTE: Everyone has to be NRS (vbmb) members to be covered by insurance. This is important. 

WCVL coed rules will apply EXCEPT the following:
- No Tipping in  front of the 10ft line (bumping allowed).
- Teams are composed of MAXIMUM 2 male players and 4 total. (ie 1M/3F, 2M/2F, 2M/1F, 4F)
- Players don't need to rotate, just server has to rotate players.
- Self-reffed, ie teams sitting will be allotted some reffing duties (cheaper for everyone).
- No screening on serve. (just like beach volleyball)
- Play the roof to keep the ball on your side. Not allowed to send the ball on the other teamís side.

To register:email to reserve your spot


1- Stephanie Smith (&Lise)
2- Denis Vermette
3- Patrick
B&W (Eduardo)
5- Joel Kowal & Ian Lobban
6- Hanminator
Jason Savoie's team
8- Death from Above

WTVP LogoWinnipeg Tournament Volleyball Promotions (Patrick, Chris, Lise)

On the prizes and costs: We strive to make our tournaments as affordable as possible. That is why the prizes arenít the largest. We prefer affordability rather than making $$ or giving out prizes.
On the format: our tournaments are mainly competitive and are made not only to play some great volleyball and get a good workout, but also to make friends and socialize. For this reason, it is encouraged to play the game as it was designed: bump-set-spike. Although the dump and playing dirty is legal, it should be used as a last resort and in limited quantities. It makes it very hard for teams playing against a dump-person-dirty-player to like them in real life after the game is done, even to the point of changing sidewalks if met in the streets or even pretend we didnít see them at the mall. Play fair, play well and have fun.
Best quote for our motto
ďThis game has got to be about more than winning. You're part of something here... along the way, I want you to cherish it, because when it's gone, it's gone forever.Ē -Any given Sunday