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Congrats to team "Right Here, In The Net Monster Loco" for their win!

Time: Starts at 9:30am and first round of playoffs should be done by 4:30pm - Finals done by 6:00pm.

Location: Victor Wyatt *** (See special rules under)

8 Teams

8 sets guaranteed

- 2 sets to 25 in round robin,  best 2of3 in playoffs

- Every team make playoffs

Cost: $100 per team

Special Rules

WCVL coed rules will apply EXCEPT the following:

*** No Tipping OR Rolling Or Setting or Bumping in front of the 10ft line. Any ball landing inside the 10ft line will be considered "dead" unless it's: A) 'off the block' or B) or a serve or C)A girl hitting (hard driven or roll shot).
- Teams are composed of MAXIMUM 2 male players and 4 total. (ie 1M/3F, 2M/2F, 2M/1F) 

- Players don't need to rotate, just server has to rotate players.

- Self-reffed, ie teams sitting will be allotted some reffing duties (makes it cheaper for everyone).

- No screening on serve. (just like beach volleyball)

Prizes:  1st place team--> $100   /  2nd place team -->$60  

Currently registered teams:                             (please hit the refresh icon for latest results)

1- Low Ballers
(Chris Wujec, Patty P, Christine P, Patrick C)
2- Ian French's Team
(Ian French +3)
3- Steve Robertson's Team (Ben S, Steve R +2 )
4- Stephanie Smith's Team (Steph, Denis, Kelsey, Lise)
5- Crystal Smith's Team (Crystal, Jason, Ryan, Jackie)
6- Derek M's team (Derek Montgomery+3)
7- Andree Forest's team (Andree+family)
8- Trevor Lux's team (Trevor Lux + 3)
(Names may change)

First 8 teams to register, with fees paid will have a guaranteed spot.

(**MVA membership required. No minors without parent permission/supervision.)

For Registration:
Patrick Cadieux


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