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Mean_Vball!    Last coed 4's tournament of 2011! Christmas
A big thank you to everyone for making this event yet again memorable!

Congratulations to the winners:
Pool A
Pool B
Pool C
Tomek and 3 Girls
Jennifer K/ Kalon B/ Chris D/Kevin R


Date: December 10th 2011.

Time: Starts at 9:00am and first round of playoffs should be done by 4:30pm - Finals done by 6:00pm.

Location: Garden City Collegiate, 711 Jefferson Avenue

(See special rules under)

12 Teams

8 sets guaranteed

- 2 sets to 21 in round robin,  best 2of3 in playoffs

- Top 4 teams of each pool make playoffs and be seeded in 3 different pools (best pts ratio)

Cost: $100 per team

Special Rules

WCVL coed rules will apply EXCEPT the following:

*** No Tipping in  front of the 10ft line (bumping allowed)

- Teams are composed of MAXIMUM 2 male players and 4 total. (ie 1M/3F, 2M/2F, 2M/1F, 4F) 

- Players don't need to rotate, just server has to rotate players.

- Self-reffed, ie teams sitting will be allotted some reffing duties (makes it cheaper for everyone).

- No screening on serve. (just like beach volleyball)

Prizes (with 15 teams):

Pool A: Pool B: Pool C:
1st pool A --> $240
1st pool B --> $120 1st pool C --> $80
2nd pool A -->$140 2nd pool B -->$80 2nd pool C -->$60
(No 3rd place match)
(No 3rd place match) (No 3rd place match)

Currently registered teams:                             (please hit the refresh icon for latest results)

1- Lise's team
(Lise, Denis, Steph, Pascal G)
2- Clement Seyi's team (Clement+3)
3- Laura G's team (Laura, Tim, Kathy, Ian)
4- Nigel's team (defending champs) (Nigel, Shane Byrne, Alissa Tobin, Cindy Sundara)
5- Terri Bercier's team (Tomek Rejewksi, Jewel, +2)
6- Carisa's team (Carisa, Bernie, +3)
7- Ian Lobban's team (Ian Lobban +3)
8- Crystal Smith's team
(Crystal Smith +3)
9- Rona Rosier's team
10- Melissa Unrau's team (Melissa Unrau, Ryan Hudson, Katie montgomery +1)
11- Brittany's Balcewich's team (BB+3)
12- Tony Robert's team (TR+3)
13- Patrick & Chris' team (Patrick, Chris, Kevin R +2)
14- Kristen Naylor's team (Kristen Naylor +3)
15- Andrew Ngo
Andrew Ngo, Paul Tang, Christina Huang and Kate Elliot.
(Names may change)

(**MVA membership required. No minors without parent permission/supervision.)

For Registration:
Patrick Cadieux