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December 18th 2010 – Coed 4's volleyball tournament – Victor Wyatt

(#) Pool A

(#) Pool B

1- Parker's Team
1- Jayme's Team + K's

2- SmackDown (To find out your team, click here)
2- Senior Frogs

3- A535

4- Nigel's Team
4- Laura's Team

Game format: 2 sets to 25, Everyone makes playoffs – No caps ever!

*Teams not filling their assigned reffing duties in RR will forfeit one RR point (set won) or half their prize in playoffs (Except TBA and PC, TBA-Rewarded ($) and Patrick Cadieux respectively)

Pool A Games Ref Duties*

Pool B Games Ref Duties*

Time Court 1 Team #

Time Court 2 Team #
** 9:00 AM 1vs2 3
** 9:00 AM 1vs2 3

9:40 AM 3vs4 PC

9:40 AM 3vs4 TBA ($)

10:20 AM 1vs4 2

10:20 AM 1vs4 2

11:00 AM 2vs3 1

11:00 AM 2vs3 4

11:40 AM 2vs4 PC

11:40 AM 2vs4 1

12:20 PM 1vs3 4

12:20 PM 1vs3 TBA ($)

1:00 PM Playoffs starts TBA ($)

1:00 PM Playoffs starts TBA ($)

** First Game to be STARTED at 9:00am, gym opens at 8:30 **

Note: All 'TBA' reffed Matches are for grabs at $10 a piece. Let Patrick Know if you would like to ref them. (Reffing experience is preferable)

Senior Frogs
(Lise Lamoureux, Dominique Cadieux, Julien Cross , Chris Dmytriw )
Parkers Team (Patti Parker, Christine Parker, Kevin Roorda, Patrick)
Smackdown (Stephanie Smith, Denis Vermette, Morgan Cheyne, +1)
A535 (Ian French, Jen Catris, Tim Persaud, Brittney Balcewich)
Jayme's Team (Jayme Menzies, Sabrina Barnes, Adam Kowal, Joel Kowal)
 (Zack Diboll+3)
Nigel's team  (Nigel Mac, Leanne Turner, Jen Coates, Kelsey Williscroft)
Laura's Team  (Laura Grubert, Cindy Sundara, Jeff Clare, Steven Galay )