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Announcing the Old Rules Coed Volleyball tournament
Date: November 7th 2009.
Location: Victor Wyatt School.

Format: 8 teams, 2 pools of 4 teams. 4 games per team Guaranteed.

Cost: $120 per team.                                       SCHEDULE HERERULES GUIDELINES HERE

WCVL coed rules will apply EXCEPT for the following exceptions:
- Sets to 15 pts.
- Sideout rules
(except in playoffs, 3rd set will be to 11pts, rally point, win by 2, no cap)
- The serve can't touch the net. (no "let serve" rule)
- The pass off a serve has to be a bump. (no sets)
- A net touch by a player is considered a fault

Self-reffed - teams sitting will be allotted some reffing duties (makes it cheaper for everyone).

First 8 teams to register, with fees paid no later than November 5th by cheque, will have a guaranteed spot.

Come and enjoy the old times!

1st Team--> $120
2nd Team -->90
3rd Team --> Hug ;-)

Tournament Starts at 10:00am and should be done by 5:30pm.

Yours truely,
Patrick Cadieux and assistant Clement Seyi.
Send payment to Snail Mail address:
122 Hindley Avenue, WPG, MB, R2M 1P7


Teams Registered:
1) Smackdown (T2)
2) Net Monsters (T1)
3) Low Ballers (T2)
4) Marijanna'a Team (T4)
5) Rush Hour (Bobby, T2-3)