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Sunday February 20th Coed 6's VB tournament.

Congrats to Smackdown  for winning the finals vs Net Monsters!
Teams Registered

With 12 Teams
With 8 Teams
- Teams are ranked according to current WCVL ranking and seeded accordingly*
- Teams are ranked according to current WCVL ranking and seeded accordingly*
- First round is a best 3 of 5. (Just like WCVL) --> applies to 12 teams.
2 pools of 4 teams / Full Round robin
- 6 teams winning first round will play 2nd and 3rd round ** (2 more games guaranteed)
Games to 21 in Round robin
- Second round and third round is a best 2/3 Top 2 from each pool make playoffs
4 teams playoffs
- The whole thing should be done by 4pm.
Best 2 of 3 in playoffs, games to 25, no cap ever
- The longest you wait all day is 45 mins. You play all the time if you keep winning.
The longest you wait all day is 20 minutes
Image of the playoffs here After RR, there will be a court available for more VB!
*if not ranked (new team) then you will be put in the last spots.

** 6 teams losing FIRST round will be able to play some extra volleyball after second round is done since there will be a free court so MORE Volleyball! (only a 45 mins wait)

In other words, for $12, you'll get to play a normal game, just like you would in the league plus you have the chance of playing 2 more games in the tournament OR you'll be able to play some scrimmage after your game is done should you lose first round. It's a win-win.

PS: Monday is a Provincial holiday that weekend.

Currently registered teams:
(please hit refresh for latest results)

1) Low Ballers VC 4) Fossils 9)Nigel's Team
2) Infidels 5)Agata's
3) Net monsters 5)Crystal's
4) Smackdown 8)BRIP

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First 12 teams to register and pay either Kathy or myself will have a spot guaranteed.

Tournament is MVA sanctioned

Email Patrick to reserve a spot
Text or Ph: 204-899-5059

compliments of Winnipeg Volleyball Tournament Promotions