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Our Execs

Patrick Cadieux
League creator & Exec

Patrick has been involved in volleyball since his move to Winnipeg in 1998. His first attempt at organizing was in 1998 when he created his first men's volleyball team to join the WMVL.  Since 2007, he created and ran 5 different and successful league teams and organized over 30 senior volleyball tournaments. Creating and running the Spring League was a logical result and a new found passion.

His passion is organizing and is a way of giving back to the volleyball community.

He currently plays in team of Low Ballers in the WCVL.

Dave Cavallin
Dave Cavallin
League Exec

Dave is a Volleyball passionate. If he could have a tent on a court and live there, he would.

Kristen Cavallin
Kristen Cavallin
League Exec

Kristen is almost the same as Dave. She enjoys the game and wants to use her knowledge as project manager/business owner towards helping the league.

Kristine Taylor

Kristine Taylor
League Exec

Kristine has been involded in volleyball since she came out of hishchool. She is also a league creator, she created the WMVA's adult league. Also very passionate and eager to make our league the best league out there


Faith Sebastian
Faith has always been a volleyball enthusiast. She has been playing in the WCVL since 2007. She is also sitting on the board of directors for the Winnipeg Coed Volleyball League (WCVL).She will play in team Replacement v2 (6's). Talk to faith for any re-scheduling issues.

Chris Dmytriw

Chris has been associated with Patrick in volleyball since the early days. He was an original member of the first team created by Patrick in 1998 and has enjoyed the competitive nature of the volleyball played and the friendships gained throughout the many years.

We value his expertise in his ability to solve problems and getting the job done!

He also plays on the team Spring Ballers in Tier 1.

Past Exec Members/League Builders:


Agata Janczak
Coordinator & Exec

Agata Joined the WCVSL Organizers in 2010. Agata has also been involved in volleyball in multiple ways since 2004. From running teams to running tournaments to presiding the board of directors for the Winnipeg Coed Volleyball League (WCVL), the Volleyball Manitoba Association and now also the WCVSL to being an MVOA official, she has seen it all. She is a very dedicated player and organizer and she is always ready to find solutions in order to make the organization run more effectively. Her expertise in organizing and managing are unmatched and very valuable to the league.

The league is into its sixth season now. It is run by four people passionate about volleyball: Patrick, Agata, Faith and Chris. It is a constant challenge to organize the league every year, but we love doing it in order to make sure people play some good volleyball before the beach season starts!

Our objective is to have as many people play volleyball in a relaxed and enjoyable environment
  while playing the caliber of volleyball that is suited to their levels. We encourage the creation of new teams as it creates new ties between players. About half of the teams in the spring league were created as the result of a merger of 2 or more teams from the winter league.

Our main goal: GOOD VOLLEYBALL!

See you on the courts. 

A brief History

Seeing that Winnipeg experienced a 3 month volleyball void Patrick created the Winnipeg Senior Co-ed Volleyball Spring League to fill the vacancy between the end of the senior winter leagues and beach volleyball in Winnipeg. The original season had 8 teams in one tier. It ran for a total of 8 weeks (7 weeks of round robin + a playoff week), from the end of March to the beginning of June. That year the spring league consisted
mostly of tier 1, 2 and 3 teams. To make sure that the league was only about playing volleyball, some rules were tossed: there was no minimum of players required to play and no uniforms were needed. The only rule that remained in effect was the one about the maximum of 3 guys on the court at one time. The new 2-man block-when-a-guy-hits rule was put in place to prevent teams from bringing out ringers, either university or professional level players and thus beating everyone easily. One team had 2 ex-pros and 1 university player on their team and they did very well, but had to work hard to win the league championship. That also opened new horizons to lower-tiered teams since they could now play with or against some of the best players in Winnipeg even though they were in tier 3 or lower in the winter league.

2010 brought a lot of changes for the Spring League. With a new executive, Agata Janczak, The league dropped the 'S' for senior in the name and the "WCVSL" as we know it now was born. The acquisition of Bernie Wolfe for games was a key factor in he ability for the league to grow. 8 new teams came on board and the league split into 4 tiers of 4 teams each to give teams the opportunity to move up through the tiers quicker. As a result the round robins were now 3 weeks each instead of 7 weeks allowing for greater flow of teams between tiers. The league ran for 10 weeks, 9 weeks of round robin and 1 week of playoffs.

2011: This year, the league grew to 24 teams. Eight new teams have come on board and two new tiers were created. There are now 6 tiers of 4 teams each and the level ranges anywhere from tier 1 to tier 12 in the normal winter co-ed league. Chris Dmytriw was added to the team of coordinators. Following players’ advice, the playoffs were dropped and thus the cost per team was greatly reduced. 2011 looks very promising!

2013: That year saw the creation of the new coed 4's division. The league now had 34 teams! Eight new teams have come on board as coed 4. There were 6 tiers of 4 teams in 6's and one tier of 8 teams in the Coed 4 division. The level ranges anywhere from tier 1 to tier 12 in the normal winter co-ed league. Faith Sebastian was added to the team of coordinators. Once again, the WCVSL is a pioneer: this is the first time that there's an established indoor coed 4's league in Winnipeg!

2015: This has seen a major change in the league execs. A new website will be unveiled and we are exited to bring in as many teams or more than the last 2 years.

League Highlitghts

  • Open to everyone
  • 3 Round Robins per year hence teams have a chance to move up multiple times a year
  • Most games are played on SUNDAYS at either Bernie Wolfe or Salisbury Morse which are familiar venues.
  • 9 Games guaranteed for the season (coed 6's)
  • No minimum of players required, just a maximum of 3 males on the court at all times.
  • MVOA officials to ref all games.
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