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Enlisted teams

wvtp logo  Second COED 4's Tournament of 2015-2016 Season

Congrats to Denis' Team for first and #moist for second Place

Date: Saturday October 24th 2015
Location: Victor Wyatt school (485 Meadowood,WPG)

Cost: $140 per team  ($120/team with 10 teams)
Start: 9:30am
# of teams max: 10
Format: Coed 4's
Prizes: $120 for 1st; $80 for second (with 10 teams)
4 Games Guaranteed.
To Register:  Send an email.
For the $$ --> Simply show up with your $$ and your smile on Saturday morning.

-->NOTE:No need to be NRS (vbmb) members to be covered by insurance.

WCVL coed rules will apply EXCEPT the following:
Coed 4's: No Tipping in  front of the 10ft line (bumping allowed).
- Coed 4's: Teams are composed of MAXIMUM 2 male players and 4 total. (ie 1M/3F, 2M/2F, 2M/1F, 4F)
- Coed 4's:
Players don't need to rotate, just server has to rotate players.
- Coed 6's: Teams are composed of MAXIMUM 3 male players and 6 total. No minimum of players. (ie 1M/5F, 2M/4F, 3M/3F, 3M/1F, etc.)

- Self-reffed, IE teams sitting will be allotted some reffing duties (cheaper for everyone).
- No screening on serve. (just like beach volleyball)
- Play the roof to keep the ball on your side. Not allowed to send the ball on the other team’s side.


To register:email to reserve your spot

Currently Registered Teams

1- Patrick Cadieux
2- Patti and the playas
3- Dave K
4- Denis V
5- #moist
6- Mack Attack
7- Randoms (David Fernandes)

Tournament organized by Winnipeg Volleyball Tournament Promotions (WVTP)